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1. MCU LED (D4) not alight.
Ensure that your DC power supply is connected correctly, positive (+) to terminal 1 and negative (-) to terminal 2. Verify the voltage is right and is present using a volt meter.

2. GSM network LED (D6) is always flashing every one second . (when connected to the GSM network, LED D6 should keep alight,not flashing)
Ensure your SIM card has been activated and that the PIN request has been disabled. Some US network providers are now locking sim cards to the phone they were purchased with, this means the sim card will not work with any other device, to confirm this is the case place the sim card in an unlocked cell phone if a network is not detected your sim card is locked. Call your network provider and ask them to unlock the sim card, they will ask for the IMEI number of the device you wish to use the sim card with, this can be found on a white label just above the antenna connection. From the feedback we have received it seems that AT&T are helpful whereas simple mobile, trak-phone and Verizon are not. If the unit is in a low signal strength area consider using an external GSM antenna or changing to another network provider.

3. I am not receiving confirmation test messages when using the #RLY or #RLOP commands.
Ensure your telephone number is in the first 8 WHL list of administrator list and also that number is enabled with RERN command. See #TEL and #RERN commands.

4. I am not receiving any text messages when initially programming the unit.
Ensure the unit is connected to the GSM network by observing the GSM network LED (D6), it should be flashing once every 3 seconds.and when connected to the GSM network, LED D6 should keep alight. Also ensure the SIM card has credit.

5. When I switch on the relays using the #RLY or #RLOP commands and the unit is called the relays are deactivated.
This is the way the unit operates, switch on the security access mode #ACM so only numbers in the white list can activate the unit.

6. When I call the device, but my calling is rejected and the device doesn't work.
Your device is work at ACM=ON mode ,then you should firstly program your number into the WHL list.

7. The unit occasionally activates by itself.
Network operators often make marketing calls to their subscribers, switch on the security access mode #ACM so only numbers in the white list can activate the unit.

8. The unit has been working for several months and has now stopped responding to calls and text commands.
Most but not all PAYG (pay as you go) SIM cards will be de-activated by the network if not used to make an outgoing voice call or send an SMS text message within a specific period. To prevent this simply send the GSM-AUTO a txt command, it will reply by text message, do this once a month to keep the SIM card active.

9. When I call the unit I do not receive a confirmation text message.
The unit only sends relay status messages in response to the #RLOP and #RLY commands.

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